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High technology

D&N High Point Quality GmbH has undergone a strict technical management, which conducts ongoing developments in materials and production improving our production processes, where every product on the market is being compared.
Mechanical processes ensure high quality control and achieve optimal quality standard which guarantees the safety, of consumers, to a corresponding degree.


D&N High Point Quality GmbH undercover undergarment west and west stall for men and women are designed and styled under the aspect of ballistic protection. The vests provide the maximum space and ballistic protection. The molded parts offer a tremendous freedom of movement and appropriate comfort. In all the west, in the design for men or women, an appropriate shock absorber is integrated. All materials are without health hazardous substances..

Protection - Expanse

Both, the front and back in undergarment and STS west give protection under the protection class to your specifications. Our protection packages are tested at the Beschussamt  in Mellrichstadt.
Our structure is designed so that the vest is comfortable, light weighted and quiet. The protection package is not vulnerable to moisture or extreme temperature, wrapped packages make the deposit protection waterproof.

Conservation areas and sizes

D&N High Point Quality GmbH vests are designed to protect the vital area and offer a high level of comfort, to also prevent fatigue. D & N High Point Quality GmbH vests are made ​​by a computer control system in terms of size and location system. This allows the perfect mass for all sizes. All vests are equipped with proven Velcro and snap closures. Five basic types are standard, plus special custom sizes are always feasible.


D&N High Point Quality GmbH has a quality system according to ISO 9002 Standard. We work on order according to your specifications from the point of optimum quality and perfect fit. Our vests are continuously tested and certified. The company is proud of the achieved performance standard. We look forward to your interest, with interest